Destination wedding in Kythera island, Greece


Kythera island was a dream location for Apostolos & Alexandra’s wedding! They decided to travel there and arrange an intimate wedding weekend in one of the most beautiful village, Avlemonas.

Their vision was to host all their guests in this village and arrange an unforgettable weekend by the sea! With good vibes and the best view to the aegean sea their dream came true!

The pre wedding party took place at the only bar of the village with a live band playing jazzy tunes! On the wedding day the whole village was in a festive mood! The bride escorted by her family and local musicians met the groom at the main square of the village and together walked to the beautiful church for their ceremony!

Imagine where their wedding party took place! We literally transformed the small harbour of this fishing village to a positively gorgeous wedding venue. The long tables with lush foliage garlands and bright pops of flowers were as magnificent as its surroundings!

Our main source of inspiration for the whole wedding decoration was the natural scenery and the “mascot” flower of Kythera island known as sempreviva, which is yellow and you’ll see splashed everywhere. Utilising yellow and white hues as the main colours we added a bright pop of burgundy in flowers such as peonies and celosias!

Enjoy a unique wedding by the sea that will take your breath away!

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Location: Avlemonas, Kythera island

Wedding planning & styling: Eventions

Photography: ak3fotografia


Type: Weddings