From Paris to Symi with Love!


Our lovely couple A+A, travelled from Paris to Symi island for a real traditional greek wedding! We love when couples work together to create something unique for their special day! Their dream was to get married in Symi island and experience all the greek wedding traditions. Our goal was to execute all their ideas into a style that was distinctly their own.

Their wedding weekend was full of fun with a traditional “Bed making” ceremony (the krevati), Symian dancers with unique original folk costumes, Symi island boat trip and of course their awesome wedding day at the small island of Aya Marina church!

The colour palette for the wedding style was white, cobalt blue and the yellow that you find at Symi island’s houses. The wedding flowers where simple and nice with a combination of white peony and olive branches! The day was filled with unique details, tons of  tasteful seafood,  a long table reception dinner,  guests funny games and dance contest, non stop dancing, fireworks and more!

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Vendors list

Photography: Stelios Kalisperis

Videography: Kostas Agianitis

Flowers & fireworks: Symiflower

Sound and lighting: Meletis Kanakis

Bridal hair and make up: Elekra Beauty room

Custom made graphic design: Silkentile

Dj: Loukas Toumbakis

Folk costumes, symian dancers & musicians: Cultural association of Symi island

Dancers: Dancing association “Choropatimata”

Catering: Pantelis seafood restaurant

Location: Aya Marina beach restaurant

Type: Weddings